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We have decided to expand into Nursery and school photography!  We have a competitive rate to offer for any sales made and a modern concept on portrait photography.  Looking back to when I was little and it was the dreaded school photo day the thought of queuing and sharing a hair brush to ensure we all looked our best was a daunting concept.  With this in mind we try to make the child's experience as worry free as possible, aiming to make it fun in the hope to produce some great photos.  The group shot...for this we have the word 'NURSERY' with stand alone text and the children are digitally placed in need to sort the tall ones from the small ones to ensure everyone is in the photo, during the individual shot of each child we will make sure we have an image of the child that will fit within this group shot.   

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We are happy to come in for a chat at a time convenient to you to show you some of our work we have done and discuss any ideas or options with you.  We are CRB checked and have a certificate.  We tend to give the parent a selection of 3 images of their child in various poses.  Allowing them a choice and hoping that they are happy with the finished photographs.  Along with the proof of images taken we provide the parents with a price list showing all prices and packages available.  


For anymore details please do not hesitate to get in touch on


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